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Rimani Impex


Manual Polishing Products

  • Fine Abrasive Cloth

    Use : Filtration, Industrial Use

    Length : 1-5mtr, 10-15mtr

    Technics : Machine Made

    Pattern : Plain

    Density : High Density, Low Density

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    Fine Abrasive Cloth

  • Metal Polighing Gloves

    Size : Large, Medium, Small

    Material : Metal

    Use : Butcher, Construction, Hand Protection

    Style : Full Fingered

    Weight : 0-100 Gms, 0-250 Gms

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    Metal Polighing Gloves

  • Metal Polishing Paste

    Application : Bonding Metals, Crack Filling, Pores Filling

    Packaging Type : Plastic Container, Tin Container

    Features : Best Quality, Superior

    Packaging size : 0-500 Gm, 500-1000 Gm

    Storage Process : Keep In Dry Place

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    Metal Polishing Paste

  • Polishing Cloth

    Application : Industrial

    Feature : Foldable, Easy To Dry Clothes, High Strength, Good In Use

    Use : Drying Clothes

    Capacity : 0-10kg, 10-30kg

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    Polishing Cloth

Non Woven Polishing Products

  • Abrasives Cloth Belts

    Use : Filtration, Industrial Use

    Length : 1-5mtr, 10-15mtr

    Technics : Machine Made

    Pattern : Plain

    Density : High Density, Low Density

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    Abrasives Cloth Belts

  • Non Woven Abrasive Belts

    Thickness : 0.5-1mm, 1.5-2mm, 2.5-3mm

    Length : 0-24inch, 24-48inch

    Feature : Easy To Tie, Fine Finishing, Nice Designs, Shiny Look, Smooth Texture

    Technics : Machine Made

    Width : 0-0-15mm, 15-30mm, 30-60mm

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    Non Woven Abrasive Belts

  • Non Woven Interleaf Wheel

    Size : 10inch, 14inch, 6inch

    Material : Non Woven

    Shape : Round

    Use : Material Finishing

    Thickness : 0-15micron, 15-30micron

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    Non Woven Interleaf Wheel

  • Non Woven Polishing Airflow Wheel

    Size : 10inch, 12inch, 14inch, 16inch

    Material : Non Woven

    Shape : Round

    Use : Material Finishing

    Thickness : 0-15micron, 15-30micron, 30-45micron

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    Non Woven Polishing Airflow Wheel

  • Non Woven Polishing Disc

    Application : For Cutting, Grinding Glass

    Color : Shining Silver

    Finishing : Coated

    Size : 37.8mm

    Supply Ability : 200 Piece/Pieces per Month

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    Non Woven Polishing Disc

  • Non Woven Spindle Mops

    Size : 10-20Inch, 20-30Inch, 30-40Inch

    Weight : 1Kg, 700gm, 900gm

    Feature : Easy To Clean, Flexible, Foldable, Light Weight

    Usage : Home, Hotel, Indoor Cleaning

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    Non Woven Spindle Mops

Welding Saftey Goods

  • Safety Head Screen

    Material : High Density EVA Foam

    Size : L, XL

    Supply Ability : 3000 Piece/Pieces per Month

    Feature : Protects from head injuries

    Port : IGI Airport New Delhi / NhavaSheva Sea Port Mumbai.

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    Safety Head Screen

  • Welding Safety Gloves

    Size : 1-5 Inch, 10-15 Inch, 15-20 Inch, 5-10 Inch

    Feature : Acid Resistant, Alkali Resistant, Chemical Resistant, Cold Resistant, Comfortable, Cut Resistant

    Technics : Machine Made

    Condition : New

    Usage : Construction Work, Hand Protection

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    Welding Safety Gloves

  • Welding Safety Goggles

    Style : Construction Wear

    Feature : Anti Fog, Durable, Heat Resistance, Water Proof

    Usage : Eye Protection

    Packaging Type : Metal Box, Plastic Box, Velvet Box

    Lens Thickness : 0-5mm, 15-20mm, 5-10mm

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    Welding Safety Goggles

  • Welding Safety Suits

    Size : L, M, S, XL

    Thickness : 0.5-1mm, 1.5-2mm, 2.5-3mm, 3.5-4mm

    Application : Constructional Use

    Feature : Anti Wrinkle, Comfortable, Heat Resistant

    Sleeve Type : Full Sleeve

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    Welding Safety Suits

Other Products

  • Abrasive Wheels
    As we are instrumental in supplying excellent quality Abrasive Wheels, we are named amid the celebrated names in the industry. We have hired a team of professional quality experts to carry out diverse quality tests in order to ensure zero defects at buyer's end.

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    Abrasive Wheels

  • Abrasive Discs
    We ensure that the payment procedures we undertake are completely secured. Cash payments and bank transfers are some of the modes of payment that we accept.We have developed automated warehousing system that ensures us safe assembling as well as storage of the products. This system is handled by

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    Abrasive Discs

  • Cotton Buffing Wheels

    Material : Cotton

    Shape : Round

    Use : Remove Strains

    Thickness : 1-5mm, 15-20mm

    Condition : New

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    Cotton Buffing Wheels

  • Industrial V Belts

    Thickness : 10-15mm, 15-20mm

    Length : 100-500mm, 1000-1500mm

    Application : Industrial Use

    Feature : Long Life, Maintenance Free, Rugged, Strong Friction Resistance, Sturdy Construction

    Condition : New

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    Industrial V Belts

  • Abrasive Mops

    Size : 10-20Inch, 20-30Inch, 30-40Inch

    Weight : 2Kg, 600gm, 700gm, 800gm

    Feature : Easy To Clean, Flexible, Foldable, Light Weight, Moveable

    Usage : Home, Hotel, Indoor Cleaning

    Handle Material : Aluminun

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    Abrasive Mops

  • Carbide Cutting Tools

    Use : Cutting Use

    Weight : 0-100kg, 100-1000kg

    Voltage : 110V, 380V

    Condition : New

    Power : 1-3kw, 6-9kw

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    Carbide Cutting Tools

  • Cutting Wheel Discs

    Thickness : 10-15 Mm, 15-20 Mm

    Application : Industrial

    Feature : High Quality, High Strength, Long Life, Perfect Finish, Perfect Shape

    Pattern : Plain

    Condition : New

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    Cutting Wheel Discs

  • Felt Buffing Pads

    Thickness : 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm

    Color : Any colors

    Feature : Best Quality, Good Absorbent

    Usage : Cleaning Floor

    Size: : 5inch, 6inch, 7inch

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    Felt Buffing Pads

  • Sisal Buffing Wheels

    Diameter : 10-20mm, 20-30mm, 30-40mm, 40-50mm

    Shape : Round

    Use : Remove Strains

    Thickness : 1-5mm, 10-15mm

    Condition : New

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    Sisal Buffing Wheels

  • Green Metal Polishing Compound

    Size : 110mm x 35mm x 22mm

    Weight : 800 Grams, 280 Grams, 390 Grams

    Pack Size : 20 items

    Pack : 25 Items Per Pack

    Advantage : Good polishing performance

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    Green Metal Polishing Compound

  • Metal Polishing Powder

    Use : Artistic Pieces

    Purity : 99%

    Feature : Easy To Use, No Side Effects, Pure

    Grade Standard : Technical Grade

    Packaging Type : Box, Plastic Bag

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    Metal Polishing Powder

  • Mig Welding Consumables

    Material : Steel

    Shape : Round

    Thickness : 0.5-1mm, 2.5-3mm, 4.5-5mm, 6.5-7mm

    Certification : ISI Certified

    Length : 100-200mm, 300-400mm

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    Mig Welding Consumables

  • Red Cutting Compound

    Packaging Type : Drum

    Packaging Size : 250 & 300kg

    Grade Standard : Technical Grade

    Dimensions : Column (Post) : 150mm X 150mm

    Thickness (milimetre) : 50 mm

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    Red Cutting Compound

  • Stainless Steel Cleaner

    Use : Stainless Steel Cleaner

    Application : ISO 9001:2008 Certified

    Shelf Life : 1 Year

    Form : Liquid

    Packaging Type : Glass Bottle, Plastic Bottle, Plastic Can

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    Stainless Steel Cleaner

  • Tig Welding Consumables

    Thickness : 0.5-1mm, 1.5-2mm, 2.5-3mm, 3.5-4mm, 4.5-5mm

    Certification : ISI Certified

    Length : 100-200mm, 200-300mm

    Application : Welding Purpose

    Features : Corrosion Resistance, Fine Finished, Premium Quality

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    Tig Welding Consumables

  • Weld Pickling Paste

    Grade : Industry grade

    Color : Ivory white

    Usage : Industrial

    Physical State : Liquid

    Grade Standard : Technical Grade

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    Weld Pickling Paste

  • Welding Hose

    Size : 1inch, 2inch, 3inch

    Thickness : 0.5-5mm, 10-15mm, 10-20mm, 15-20mm, 20-25mm

    Length : 100-150mtr, 150-200mtr, 200-250mtr

    Condition : New

    Dimension : 100-200mm, 200-300mm, 300-400mm, 400-500mm

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    Welding Hose

  • Welding Holder

    Diameter : 0-10mm, 10-20mm, 20-30mm, 30-40mm

    Thickness : 0-5mm, 10-15mm, 5-10mm

    Length : 0-15mm, 15-30mm, 30-45mm, 45-60mm, 75-90mm

    Application : Electrode Use

    Finishing : Polished

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    Welding Holder

  • Cnc Welding Machine

    Weight : 100-1000kg, 100-200.200-300, 1000-2000kg, 2000-3000kg, 300-500

    Voltage : 100-150V

    Condition : New

    Usage : Corner Joint, Lap Joint

    Automatic Grade : Automatic

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    Cnc Welding Machine

  • White Buffing Compound

    Surface of Application : Multipurpose

    Packaging Type : Bottle, Can

    Features : High and Fast Removal Rate, Create Fine surface

    Appearance : Viscous White Liquid

    Quality : Best

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    White Buffing Compound